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Happy 17th birthday to us!!! Talk about it on bulletin boards. Huge thanks go out to all who took the time to help and anchor last year! We've gotten such wonderful feedback. If you need to reactivate your old account drop us a line at phunkyadmins AT gmail.com. We also have a facebook group all members are welcome to join: phunky bitches facebook group and a twitter account - @phunkybitches. Don't forget you can update your Tour wardrobe and help support us at www.cafepress.com/phunkybitch. Thanks so much!!!  

The Phunky Bitches are an online community dedicated to bettering the live music scene by forming a women-oriented network of social friends. Since our inception in 1997, many strong friendships and powerful alliances of tour buddies have been formed. Many young women have been enjoying better concert going experiences as a result. We have transcended the limitations of the internet in many cases and become real life friends. We travel together, hook each other up with rides, tickets, and a place to crash when visiting. While this can be intimidating to new members, we always welcome new friends with similar interests and lifestyles. Please email us at phunkyadmins AT gmail.com if you wish to join.

We've undergone some major changes since Phish is back and we are very excited to share them with you in our now 17th year! Thank to everyone who has made this organization so successful and helpful for well over a decade. It could not of been done without you.

Our group was founded by a team of volunteers, and has seen many changes over the years. In our early years, our only form of communication was a mailing list. But today most of the action is on our bulletin board. We plan to totally upgrade the board making it more user friendly and better then before without losing ANY of the old posts. It's all still there! If you are an old time user, or a new member you absolutely will appreciate this latest version coming soon.

To become a member of the Phunky Bitches and have full access to the boards please email us at phunkyadmins AT gmail DOT com. If you are a current member and are experiencing trouble of any kind (such as logging on) to the new bulletin board please contact us at phunkyadmins AT gmail DOT com - thank you!

Thanks so much for your patience during this renovation. We hope you like the new changes! Enjoy :)

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